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Joined: 26th Dec 2013
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31st Jan 2014

G'day all members and guests of Team CROSSFIRE
I thought i would be a good idea to get to know eachother. I want to know who I am talking to behind the screen... why? Because it will not only be trust but it will also be a way to build friendships without the hidden identities/ Alias we hide behind, forming a bond and a stronger team.

I will start off by telling you a bit about myself and keeping in context a bit about my gaming history.

My name is Lachy, I am 25 and you guessed it a male... *** Surprise ***
Currently living with some friends in Albury which im loving the $50 rent pw. At the moment my life pretty much consist of work, Gym, my Dog and obviously computer games... oh and i do like a drink.

I have been playing Online games Since i was 16 where i discovered a game called Jedi Knight: academy. this was and still is one of the most enjoyable and skillful games i have played. I Discovered after a year of playing that there are Australian servers. I then learnt about the online community. 
From there I played a fair chunk of CS:S and i was pretty good (believe it or not) i used the alias 'Ska' and pretty much only played on GA#12 as i was banned on Inter-node server because i was accused of aimbots...
I then went into  "phase" where i played every MMORPG i could find from WoW, Rift, SRO, RA, Flyff, anything you can think of i probably played it. I don't hate wow in fact i met some friends in America playing that game which i was going to go live over there for a year with. 

I joined the Army and took a small break from games while i was training then got back into it. I didn't have a decent PC only a laptop, so i started playing CoD on PS3. I was pretty good playing with the guys from MF and VoxE at a competitive level. However PS3 never really took off So I bought an XBOX with some Youtube friends I met who were also good at the game. We did alright.... I never really felt comfortable with a controller, I needed a mouse and keyboard.

I then Saved up and Spent 3k on a beast of a gaming PC Rig. I Made an effort to get to know the PC CoD community. I found the largest team i could which was TG (Tactical Gaming) and within a week of joining TG I found myself in one of their strongest teams  (sydney harbour) where I met jimmy and most of you guys i play with now. My play style is a bit different from most of those that play competitive I Mostly rely on my fast reflexes and good aim rather than outplaying/ outsmarting from my few years pub stomping... yeah I rush mostly with any weapon... well I prefer too, it will usually get me countered and killed in competitive matches so I try to hold myself back.

My favorite game right now is League of Legends and although I told myself I would never get into a MOBA I must say other than having to rely on a team I am really enjoying the strategy behind it and always learning. 

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